Ownership Transitions

We work with owners and operators to provide capital to facilitate a full or partial monetization of their equity ownership.

Typical situations include intergenerational succession in family businesses, management-led buyouts or transitions in closely-held or owner-operated businesses.

Our approach allows us to partner with existing management teams or bring on new management where required.

Acquisition or
Growth Capital

We will invest in businesses looking to pursue investment to support further growth or growth through acquisitions.


Corporate Carve-Outs

Where a corporation decides to divest of a non-core asset we will work to structure a purchase of the division and facilitate its existence as a stand-alone entity.

We are particularly interested in businesses whose management team members and/or selling shareholders wish to have a meaningful ownership stake in the newly acquired enterprise.


Flexible capital and structures that can be tailored to meet the needs of business owners and management.


Long-Term Approach and Management Alignment

We take a long-term view on value creation allowing the business to invest for ongoing success.

We align our interests with management through meaningful ownership and equity-based incentives.

Advisor Network


Alongside our operational partner network, we can help businesses by consulting on strategic, financial and operating decisions. 

We help businesses achieve the next step by –

Reviewing and refining strategy and capital allocation
Identifying and executing upon acquisitions
Developing reporting tools and metrics to improve business decision making
Designing new compensation and incentive plans
Recruiting additional management resources and advisors to the business